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The MGA way!

  Congratulations to MGA Sara Vaz from Winnipeg South, for her awesome week of $30,759 Net ALP! At #8, Sara leads by example for Winnipeg and all of AO! #opportunityunlimited

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AO Hero’s

The world’s greatest sales force is at it again! Six of the Top 20 Producing Agents are from AO! Get excited about these individuals who are growing our company every … Continue reading

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Tanya Kuzmenko’s Referral Hot Streak!

Tanya Kuzmenko out of Tacoma has posted 14 sales in the last two weeks and ALL 14 SALES have been referrals sales! Tanya leads all AO Personal Producers in the … Continue reading

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Bennett doesn’t mess around!

Congratulations to General Agent Ross Bennett from Chattanooga for his $15,494 Net ALP week! This week rocketed him to the Top 20 in all of AIL. #opportunityunlimited

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ALP Per Sale Leaders, Ways to Maintain High ALP Per Sale!

One of the pillars of Opportunity Unlimited is high ALP Per Sale, keeping it well above the $1,200 mark! These three champions have led by example and had the highest … Continue reading

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AO With 8 Agents in AIL’s Top 20 Year-to-Date!

January was the best January ever in the history of Altig-Orlovic, February the best February ever, March the best month in the history of American Income Life, and now April … Continue reading

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Van Ortega – $24K Week, Two Straight $40K Months!

HEAR VAN’S FULL STORY IN THE VIDEO BELOW What a week for Burnaby’s Van Ortega! He reported $24,050 ALP with 21 sales on Planet, putting him as the top producer … Continue reading

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Daniel Li’s Awesome $50,000+ ALP April!

More incredible news coming out of Minneapolis! So far in the month of April, Daniel Li has racked up $57,834 ALP reported in Planet! He’s done it again, as the … Continue reading

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Nikola Subotic’s Shares His $50,000 Month Story!

Hear Nikola’s story by listening to the audio below. Supervising Agent Nikola Subotic flexed his Opportunity Unlimited muscle and posted $56,401 net ALP in March – the highest monthly personal … Continue reading

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AO Makes Top 15 this week!

  Congratulations to Kamaile, Katie and Van for making Top 15 Personal Producers in all of AIL this week! #6 SA Kamaile Viena from Waipahu with $10,894 ALP #9 Olympic … Continue reading

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