Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

AO Accounts for Half the Personal Producer Top 20!

Led by Kayla McIver and three others in the Top 10, AO dominated the AIL Weekly Leader Board for Personal Production!


#3 Kayla McIver from St Paul – $10,185 Net ALP

#6 Casey Jarratt from Richmond – $9,980 Net ALP

#9 Jason Morris from Bountiful – $8,960 Net ALP

#10 Jesse Fullmer from Bountiful – $8,756 Net ALP

#11 Eric LaBossiere from Helena – $8,731 Net ALP

#12 Gilbert Tabon from Maui – $8,316 Net ALP

#13 Aaron Chen from Burnaby – $8,110 Net ALP

#15 Benjamin Ortlip from Vancouver – $7,851 Net ALP

#17 Hazem Aboueldahab from Calgary East – $7,434 Net ALP

#20 Daniel Johnson from San Jose – $7,160 Net ALP

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