Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

8 AO Supervising Agents Dominate the Leader Board!

Matthew Neish and John Hartin ranked in the Top 10, leading the way as AO nearly took more than half of the weekly Supervising Agent top spots!


#3 Matthew Neish of Calgary – $13,569 1st 6 Mo. Net

#8 John Hartin of Bountiful – $10,156 1st 6 Mo. Net

#14 Eyad Awdi of London – $7,219 1st 6 Mo. Net

#15 Benjamin Sager of Asheville – $7,137 1st 6 Mo. Net

#16 Chandler Widman of Spokane – $6,662 1st 6 Mo. Net

#17 Briana Cooper of Nashville East – $6,246 1st 6 Mo. Net

#19 Jordan Lowery of Tempe – $5,879 1st 6 Mo. Net

#20 Armando Rivera of Seattle – $5,849 1st 6 Mo. Net

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