Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

AO MGAs: 12 of Top 20 Spots on Weekly Leader Board!

Master General Agents from AO took home 1st in 8 of the 10 MGA Categories in all of AIL for the week, with 4 more AO MGAs taking 2nd Place in their category!


#1 in Category I – Sara Vaz of Winnipeg South

#2 in Category I – Josh Olin of Vancouver

#1 in Category II – Jonni Ng of Virginia Beach

#1 in Category III – Melinda-Rae Lyse of Calgary

#1 in Category V – Yussuf El-Zein of Ottawa

#1 in Category VI – Brandon Summerton of Ottawa

#1 in Category VII – Shai Mate of Burnaby

#1 in Category VIII – Brandon Minor of Spokane

#2 in Category VIII – Hunter Houvener of Seattle

#1 in Category IX – Kevin Appasamy of Waipahu

#2 in Category IX – Nikola Subotic of Winnipeg South

#2 in Category X – Marcus Martin of Virginia Beach

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