Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

AO Takes 9 of the Top 20 Spots in Personal Production!

Led by Katie Massart at #2 and 4 Agents in the Top 10, AO claimed nearly half of the Top 20 in all of AIL for the week!


#2 Katie Massart of Calgary East – $18,980 Net ALP

#4 Priscila Gonzalez of San Jose – $13,764 Net ALP

#9 Andrew Haskins of Redmond – $10,930 Net ALP

#10 Kelly McDonald of Boise – $9,639 Net ALP

#11 David Hrobochak of Honolulu – $9,637 Net ALP

#16 Ian Pickett of Burnaby – $8,076 Net ALP

#18 Tanya Kuzmenko of Redmond – $7,858 Net ALP

#19 Crystal Larkins of Santa Rosa – $7,712 Net ALP

#20 Justin LoPatriello of St Johns – $7,544 Net ALP

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