Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

Seven AO Producers Rank Top 25 in all of AIL!

With Katie Massart and Josh Francoeur Top 10 for the week, seven total AO Personal Producers ranked in the Top 25 among all of AIL on the weekly Leader Board!


#8 Katie Massart of Calgary East – $10,934 Net ALP

#9 Josh Francoeur of Vancouver – $10,168 Net ALP

#18 Andrew Leah of Surrey – $8,485 Net ALP

#19 Daniel Pettit of Spokane – $8,308 Net ALP

#20 Joey Sales of Waipahu – $8,102 Net ALP

#22 Pablo Zetina of Orange County North – $7,830 Net ALP

#25 Michael Burningham of Boise – $7,522 Net ALP


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