Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

9 AO Personal Producers in AIL Top 30!

Tyler McKnight out of Boise led eight other AO Personal Producers to rank among the Top 30 Personal Producers in all of AIL!

6.16.17 PP LB

#9 Tyler McKnight from Boise – $13,222 Net ALP

#11 Priscila Gonzalez from Santa Rosa – $12,994 Net ALP

#12 Bruce Tan from Waipahu – $12,726 Net ALP

#15 Cole Masionneuve from Ottawa – $11,639 Net ALP

#16 Katie Massart from Calgary East – $11,507 Net ALP

#18 Matthew Zang from St. Paul – $11,121 Net ALP

$25 Irma Gallardo from Orange County South – $9,538 Net ALP

#28 Richard Carter from Salt Lake City North – $8,978 Net ALP

#29 Jadwiga Martins from Toronto – $8,952 Net ALP


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