Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

Seven AO Agents in the Top 25!

Shout out to the seven AO Personal Producers who ranked in the Top 25 for all of AIL in the weekly leaderboards, led by two in the Top 10!

#8 Risa Moniz of Honolulu – $9,189 Net ALP

#9 Meardey Kim of Ottawa – $9,137 Net ALP

#13 Jacqueline Kabluyen of Santa Rosa – $8,765 Net ALP

#14 Shane Carlson of Vancouver – $8,707 Net ALP

#15 Gerald Dodson of Chico – $8,705 Net ALP

#17 Joanna Hansen of Anchorage – $8,196 Net ALP

#21 Brian Cabral of Winnipeg South – $8,142 Net ALP

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