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Alan’s 2nd Gold Club Qualification!

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-12-53-27-pmCongratulations to 2nd time Gold Club qualifier, Alan Sedaghat, out of the Surrey office. Alan SUPERCHARGED Opportunity Unlimited throughout Chairman’s Month and wrote $52,293 gross ALP for October.

What was his goal for October? To accomplish another $50,000 ALP for October. Alan ramped up his production, went on several road trips, and gave it everything he had from start to finish. To help motivate everyone in the Surrey office Alan also created the “Alan Sedaghat Challenge”. During Chairman’s Month, anyone in Surrey who beat HALF of his net production for October he would take to dinner—3 agents won this prize!

Alan is maintaining his momentum coming out of Chairman’s Month as he works towards Top 10 in all of AIL for 2016. Congratulations Alan on your accomplishment and continue leading AO as you push for Top 10!

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