Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

October Spotlight Rankings Dominated by AO Personal Producers!

AO made its mark on the Spotlight Rankings for October, with 13 Personals Producers in the Top 20 in all of AIL! On top of that, AO claimed FIVE of the TOP SIX in the rankings for the month led by Jose Rubio of Ottawa!

#2 Jose Rubio of Ottawa – $56,365 Net ALP

#3 Tina Janti of Redmond – $53,628 Net ALP

#4 Alan Sedaghat of Surrey – $51,741 Net ALP

#5 Ross Bennett of Chattanooga – $50,832 Net ALP

#6 Ben Ainscough of Burnaby – $49,671 Net ALP

#10 Bruce Viaje of Surrey – $35,528 Net ALP

#11 Joey Kennedy of Nashville East – $35,527 Net ALP

#12 Mark Lomonaco of Idaho Falls – $35,411 Net ALP

#14 Brandon Minor of Spokane – $33,363 Net ALP

#15 Mark Neilson of Santa Rosa – $32,241 Net ALP

#16 Katie Massart of Calgary East – $30,811 Net ALP

#18 Derek Woo of Surrey – $28,272 Net ALP

#19 Kevin Ishikane of Honolulu – $28,127 Net ALP

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This entry was posted on November 7, 2016 by in AIL, Altig, Altig-Orlovic, Sales, Top Producers.
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