Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

Katie Massart Leads All of AIL!

Congratulations to the 10 AO Agents for taking 10 of the TOP 25 spots for AIL’s Leader Board this week! It was led by Katie Massart taking the top spot!

#1 Katie Massart of Calgary East – $15,877 ALP

#4 Luc Do of Clackamas – $10,473 ALP

#5 Van Ortega of Burnaby – $10,350 ALP

#7 Brock Lampee of Phoenix – $9,345 ALP

#15 Randy Souliers of St. Johns – $7,417 ALP

#17 Dan Dobyns of Helena – $7,157 ALP

#18 Richard Sidoti of Redmond – $7,152 ALP

#20 Kevin Sun of Honolulu – $7,042 ALP

#21 Steve Stensrud of Calgary East – $6,981 ALP

#22 Mia Mitchell of Knoxville – $6,954 ALP


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This entry was posted on September 30, 2016 by in Altig, Altig-Orlovic, Sales, Top Producers.
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