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img_0946Congratulations to Tyson DellaSilva out of the Boise office on having his BEST WEEK EVER last week! Tyson had 8 sales, closed ALL of his presentations, and 100% of his sales came from referrals.

A few weeks ago Tyson had a clicking moment after dealing with his first death claim. This claim helped Tyson to realize how important his work is in protecting every family.  Not only did his passion for the business increase, but his confidence in presenting has skyrocketed as well!

What has been his key to success? Working referrals! Every week he has focused on figuring out the best way to collect referrals – for him, collecting 8 in every home is crucial! Tyson ensures that every referral he collects will qualify, making his opportunity to convert those into sales that much easier.

Congrats Tyson on having your BEST WEEK EVER and leading by example through referrals! Hear how he did it in his own words in the video below.

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