Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

Lucky #7!

SEVEN AO agents ranked in the top 20 for personal production year-to-date in the August Spotlight Rankings, with three in the top ten! Congratulations to the leaders who are paving the way for 2016!

#6 Van Ortega out of Burnaby with $196,260 net ALP

#7 Alan Sedaghat out of Surrey with $191,673 net ALP

#9 Katie Massart out of Calgary East with $181,772 net ALP

#11 Massoud Vaziri out of Burnaby with $175,078 net ALP

#14 Mark Lomonaco out of Idaho Falls with $161,807 net ALP

#17 Bruce Tan out of Waipahu with $149,751 ALP

#20 Daniel Li out of Minneapolis with $143,983 net ALP


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