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Carlo Qualifies for Gold Club!


Congratulations to Carlo Trinidad on producing $51,282 net ALP for the month of August, qualifying him for membership into the Gold Club and his very own Squire Ring!

During the month of August Carlo broke down his goal of $50,000 into what he needed to accomplish every week – $12,500 net ALP. Carlo says that breaking down his goal and seeing an average of 4-5 appointments every day were key to his success.

To keep his momentum going forward, Carlo plans to shoot for Platinum Club and his Knight Ring in October. In order to qualify, Carlo will need to achieve $100,000 net personal production for the month!

Cheers Carlo on your Gold Club qualification and continue to execute opportunity unlimited as you shoot for Platinum Club in October. Hear Carlo explain how he did this in his own words in the video below.

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