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Rayleen’s Strong Start to August!

Unknown-2Way to go! Rayleen Kama out of the Maui office is starting off August strong, reporting 4 sales and $4,690 ALP so far for the week! Rayleen is also well on her way to qualifying for Altig TV recognition for the 5th time in the last 7 weeks – in order to qualify she will need at least $7,000 net ALP.

Currently Rayleen is on a road trip in Kauai with her trainee and daughter, Tricia Kama. Rayleen says that Tricia and her have been in a friendly competition – keeping them both motivated and focused on production. What has been her key to success? engaging the extended family into the conversation! She says that this has helped to increase her sales and productivity on the road.

Before Rayleen headed out on the road she met with her team to set up their goals for the month of August. She says that planning weekly activity the month ahead of time prepares her team for a successful week and month.

Congratulations Rayleen on starting off August strong and leading your team by example! Hear how she did this in the video below.

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