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Mia Mitchell’s Leading by Example!

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.40.07 PMWay to go! RGA Mia Mitchell out of the Knoxville office for leading her team by example! Currently Mia is on the road in Danville, VA and has been supercharging Opportunity Unlimited this week with 6 sales and $1,872 ALP per sale so far!

While on the road, Mia and her team are focusing on setting their goals high – to see as many people as possible and write large ALP per sale! Mia says that her mentor Josh Olin always told her to set her goals higher, because the worst thing that can happen is that you come up short! Mia used this idea to set her personal production goal for the month of $30,000 ALP and is well on her way to accomplishing this milestone!

So far on the road the ALP from all the sales they had was over $1,300 ALP per sale! What has been their key to success? Emphasizing the importance of every families wellbeing! Mia says that when you build trust, create urgency, and show genuine concern for them, they are more willing to go after larger programs.

Congratulations Mia on executing Opportunity Unlimited and leading your team by example in Virginia! Hear Mia explain how she did this in the video below.


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