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The AO Olympic Team is Going for Gold!


The Olympic Team is leading the way in Category 1 and 2 for the Cabo Contest! They are GOING FOR THE GOLDEN BEACHES as they set their sights on the trip to beautiful Cabo San Lucas!

Category 1 is made up of Olympic Team members and they lead the way in production for July so far with one day to go! Van Ortega out of Burnaby with $69,265 ALP reported in Planet, Alan Sedaghat out of Surrey is just $111 ALP behind, Dan Li out of Minneapolis with $50,042 ALP, Bruce Viaje out of Surrey with $39,933 ALP, Tina Phongsavath out of Redmond with $37,201 ALP, and Massoud Vaziri out of Burnaby with $21,772 ALP.

In Category 2, the Olympic Team takes 5 of the TOP 10 spots in the unofficial standings for the Cabo Contest. The TOP 10 includes: Matt Zang out of Minneapolis, Mark Lomonaco out of Idaho Falls, Riley Peters out of Boise, Michael Trinh out of Richmond, and Dustin Dunbar out of Phoenix!

The Olympic Team is composed of the highest caliber personal producers in all of AO! Each member was selected to lead the Company in personal production and to take over AIL’s Convention stage in Cancun.

Congratulations to the Olympic Team Leaders and finish the RECORD BREAKING JULY off strong!

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