Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

AO DOMINATED AIL’s Leader Boards!

Last week you set the ALL-TIME WORLD RECORD for weekly production of $1,787,122 net ALP! You led all of American Income Life to the most production ever seen by any organization. Your dominance is crystal clear when you look at AIL’s Leader Boards for last week. AO Dominated AIL’s Leader Boards in all 5 categories; Agents, Supervising Agent, General Agent, Master General Agent, and Regional General Agent!

AO Agents took 8 of the TOP 10 spots, 17 of the TOP 20, 24 of the TOP 30, and 41 of the TOP 50 – In Fact they took 127 of the TOTAL 234 spots! Ranking in the TOP 8 was; Brett Maurice, Mark Lomonaco, Erna Gasanin, Tina Phongsavath, Daniel Li, Bruce Viaje, Alan Sedaghat, and at number 1 Van Ortega.

4 AO Supervising Agent’s ranked in the TOP All-Time SA production leaders for last week! Lacy Davies out of Seattle holds the #2 spot with $18,124 net ALP. In third is Mark Maddocks out of Salt Lake with $17,844 net ALP. Following closely behind is Cory Quaife out of Edmonton stealing #4 with $17,731 net ALP and #5 Matt McBride out of Calgary with $15,867 net ALP! Also ranking in the TOP 20 was Yamid Mendoza Sanchez, Aaron McEntire, Armin Farah, Autum Wright, Mary Franklin, Nicholas Yang, Jake Carlson, Ben Varner, Alyssa Wiebe, and Tessie Miya.

2 AO General Agent’s ranked in the TOP All-Time GA production leaders! Carlo Buhay out of Winnipeg South holds the #2 spot with $29,168 net ALP. Coming in at #4 is Ross Bennett with $19,501 net ALP for the week. Also ranking in the TOP 20 was Rex Munsey and Cleto Arevalo.

2 AO Master General Agent’s ranked in the TOP All-Time MGA production leaders! The leader for all of AIL is Sara Vaz out of Winnipeg South, with $36,067 net ALP! Also in the TOP, ranking at #4 is Chris Hintz out of Edmonton, with $26,722 net ALP. Also Ranking in the TOP 20 was Jonni Ng, Travis Stucki, Dan Ikei, Shai Mate, Dan Toshner, Ashlynn Orng, and Stephanie Lovins.

Chris Hintz also leads for all of AIL TOP All-Time RGA production leaders, with $70,139 net ALP! Also ranking in the TOP 20 spots was Patrick Stenglein, Josh Olin, Blake Higuchi, and Rick Mansfield!

Congratulations AO on dominating the Leader Boards last week and SUPERCHARGING Opportunity Unlimited!

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