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Erna’s Earnin’ her BEST MONTH EVER!

Erna GasaninCongratulations to Erna Gasanin out of the Nashville East Office on leading Category 6 so far in the Cabo Contest. Not only is Erna leading her Category, but she has also reported the 3rd highest ALP in all of AO for the Cabo Contest, with $40,136 ALP!

Erna is leading by example! She went into the month of July looking to smash through her personal best month by achieving $50,000 ALP. What has been her key to success so far? Breaking down the numbers! She started out July knowing how many days she needed to be in the field and how much ALP she needed to earn every day to reach her goal!

Congratulations Erna on leading both your Category and all of AO with the 3rd highest total ALP for the Cabo Contest! Hear Erna explain how she’s doing it in the video below.

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