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Cabo Contest Races Heating Up!


Your numbers are pouring in from your huge POWER WEEKEND! The deadline for “THE WEEK” has been extended to 5pm PST Tuesday, July 19th! Make sure to upload all your business into Planet from this week so it can be counted toward YOUR PERSONAL BEST and the BIGGEST WEEK IN COMPANY HISTORY!

“THE WEEK” may be coming to an end – however, you still have one full week left in the Cabo Contest to finish your best month ever! The competition is heating up – close battles are happening all across the board! Executing Opportunity Unlimited with two or more sales a day and high ALP per sale can make all the difference in these close categories:

Personal Production Contest
$3,682 ALP: Candice Rezzo of Seattle had a big weekend and jumps ahead in Category 7 and leads Pablo Zetina of Orange County
$2,753 ALP: Autum Wright of Salt Lake currently holds the edge in Category 9, but Brandon Minor of Spokane has closed the gap
$1,510 ALP: 1st and 3rd place is separated by this close margin in Category 4 – Rayleen Kama of Maui is holding off Jordan Seguin of Burnaby and Tyler McKnight of Boise
$570 ALP: Matt Zang of Minneapolis grabs a slim lead back from Peter Davis Jr. of Clackamas in Category 2 over the weekend
 $407 ALP: In the closest race of any Cabo Contest category, Christopher Botelho of Toronto leads Diana Al-Ali of Ottawa in Category 4

MGAship Contest
$5,730 ALP: Just like the Personal Production Contest, leader Christopher Botelho of Toronto and Diana Al-Ali of Ottawa locked in a battle in Category 7
$4,668 ALP: Dan Ikei of Honolulu leads a three-horse race in Category 2 – leading Sara Vaz of Winnipeg South and Blake Higuchi of Honolulu
$4,347 ALP: Daven Hermosura of Honolulu holds the edge over Stephanie Lovins of Memphis West in Category 5
$967 ALP: Incredibly close for a MGA competition in Category 3 – Brandon Summerton of Ottawa leads Chris Hintz of Edmonton

RGAship Contest
$13,926 ALP: Leader Blake Higuchi of Honolulu and Josh Olin of Vancouver are battling it out in Category 1 with the two highest totals in the contest

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