Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life


Surrey, BCCongratulations to Bob Gujral’s Surrey Office on having their BEST WEEK EVER in history last week! Surrey warmed up for THE WEEK, reporting $104,056 ALP in Planet, and they are just getting started!

Three office leaders – Alan Sedaghat, Bruce Viaje, and Helen Taylor – led all of AO in ALP reported for last week! They are not only leading for their office, but the whole company so far in the Cabo Contest. Helen is leading Category 3 and Alan is leading Category 1, followed closely by Bruce in 2nd! Currently Alan and Bruce are on the road in Newfoundland and have collectively reported 26 sales and $29,634 ALP for THE WEEK so far!

Congratulations Alan, Bruce and Helen on leading both Surrey to its BEST WEEK EVER and your categories in the Cabo Contest!


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