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Helen Leads Category 3!

Helen Taylor_0212Congratulations to Helen Taylor out of Surrey for leading Category 3 so far for the Cabo Contest! Helen reported 10 sales, closed 100% of her referral presentations, and racked up $17,153 ALP last week! As Helen moved into 1st place for her category, she also led the entire company as one of the TOP 3 PERSONAL PRODUCERS for the week!

Currently Helen is on the road in Vancouver working towards her BEST MONTH EVER during your RECORD BREAKING JULY! She has a goal of $50,000 ALP for the month – In order to achieve this, she already planned out her schedule and daily goals for the entire month. Helen says that sticking to her schedule and focusing on referrals will be key in breaking her record!

Congratulations Helen on leading Category 3 and leading in the TOP 3 for all of AO. We caught up with Helen on the road, watch the video below to hear how Helen did this in her own words!

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