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Cabo Contest: Battle Royale!

Battles in the Cabo Contest are incredibly close! As you enter the POWER WEEKEND, grab the advantage in your category and gain momentum heading into “THE WEEK” – the week of July 11-18 when you will be going after the BIGGEST WEEK IN COMPANY HISTORY! Here is a summary of the close battles:

Personal Production Contest

  • Category 3: In the closest race of any contest category, #1 Matt McBride from Calgary only has a $265 ALP edge over Shaefer Pacada of Honolulu
  • Category 4: Andrew Severson of the new Las Vegas office is the current leader, but Jordan Seguin of Burnaby is only $807 ALP away from the top spot
  • Category 5: Just $689 ALP separates #1 Diana Al-Ali of Ottawa with $17,716 ALP and Christopher Botelho of Toronto with $17,027 ALP
  • Category 6: Only $619 ALP is the difference between leader Armin Farahbakhsh-Priebe of Burnaby and Erna Gasanin of Nashville East

Hear from an agent right in the middle of one of those battles – Andrew Severson of Las Vegas – about the competition of the Cabo Contest, his drive after missing out in previous years and more below!

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