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Cabo Contest: Brandon Leading by Example!

You are in the heart of the second week of the Cabo Contest. “THE WEEK” is fast approaching – the week of July 11-18 when you are going after the BIGGEST WEEK IN COMPANY HISTORY! The leaderboards in the Personal Production, MGAship and RGAship contests are changing rapidly as you go for YOUR PERSONAL BEST!

Leading by example is BOD member Brandon Minor from Spokane, as he is #2 in his Personal Production category and #1 in his MGA category!

Brandon says it was key to show his newest hires what supercharging Opportunity Unlimited is all about and that AO is the best place to be in the world.  He took his team out on the road and set the tone by collecting referrals, maintaining high activity and showing what is possible.

As the “THE WEEK” approaches Brandon’s key is PREPARATION. What does that mean?
·       Have a plan and stay disciplined
·       Booking from the home AND booking from the field
·       Having someone with you in the field at all times

Brandon actually has two people with him in the field – one person in the home and another in the car booking appointments! As Brandon puts it: “If you have the appointments and the activity, there is no reason you won’t have your best week. And that will lead right to your best month.”

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