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Alan’s Leading AO to Cabo!

AlanSedaghatCongratulations to Alan Sedaghat out of Surrey for leading all of AO in the Cabo Contest so far! Alan has already reported $34,067 ALP in planet for the contest and is looking to produce over $100,000 ALP for the month! Alan also had a monster July in his record breaking 2012, but is well on his way to crushing that record.

Yesterday Alan reported 12 sales and $12,960 ALP for the day alone! Currently he is on a road trip in Newfoundland and is closing a sale with almost every appointment he sees. What is his key to success? Urgency! He says that being both urgent and upfront from the beginning of the presentation establishes trust in what he is selling.

Congratulations Alan on leading all of AO in the Cabo Contest! Hear how Alan did it in his own words below.

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