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Honolulu Best Week Ever!

Dan Ikei 11-13-15Congratulations to the Honolulu office on having their BEST WEEK EVER in history last week! Honolulu started off the RECORD BREAKING JULY with a boom – reporting $86,599 ALP.

One office leader, Dan Ikei, played a key role in Honolulu breaking their record! Last week Dan led category 2 in the MGA Cabo contest with $32,638 net ALP. Dan said he was focusing on going into the field with his agents and putting an emphasis on collecting, building, and presenting to referrals.

This coming Wednesday Dan will be going on the road with Blake Higuchi and their team to the Big Island. Their team goal on all road trips is to rack up $15,000 to $20,000 net ALP each. In the past they have been able to reach their goal by focusing on referrals and booking in the home!

Congratulations to Dan on leading Honolulu to its BEST WEEK EVER! Hear how Dan did it in his own words below.

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