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Steve’s Gearing up for July!

Steve_Stensrud-ABSCongratulations to Calgary East on having their BEST WEEK EVER in history last week. Calgary East reported $31,898 ALP and is building momentum for the RECORD BREAKING JULY!

One office leader, Steve Stensrud, played a key role in Calgary East breaking their record. Steve reported 8 sales, $1,689 ALP per sale, and he closed 50% of his referral presentations! What is the key to his success? Training! Everyday that Steve went into the field recently, he brought 3 agents in training with him – keeping him on top of his game!

Going into July he is looking to top his best month, where he racked up $84,000 ALP! To do it in July, Steve has planned a month long road trip to increase his activity.

Congratulations Steve on leading Calgary East to its BEST WEEK EVER! Hear how Steve did it in his own words below.

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