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Lovins’ Recruiting Her Way to Cancun!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.45.47 PMAIL’s Convention in sunny Cancun is less than a year away! How do you qualify for the all expense paid trip for two? By earning $88,000 net ALP by the end of 2016. When you accomplish this, you will be sitting poolside at the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort with the leaders in AO.

You not only earn your convention credit from selling, but from recruiting. For every recruit you bring in, you can earn up to $10,000 towards convention. So far 100 people have already earned a total credit of $700,000 from recruiting alone!

The TOP 10 of these recruiters have collectively earned $216,836 credit toward Cancun. MGA Stephanie Lovins out of Memphis West ranks in the top 10 for recruiting convention credit. Stephanie says that the $1000 question, using social media, and setting weekly hiring goals are key!

You are half way through the year! Make sure that you are selling, recruiting and working your way towards qualifying for CANCUN in May of 2017!

Hear from Stephanie how she is earning her way to Cancun through recruiting below.

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