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Calgary Stampedes to BEST WEEK EVER!

Melinda-Rae LyseCongratulations to the Calgary office on having their BEST WEEK EVER in company history last week! Calgary reported in planet $78,265 ALP for the week and are continuously leading by example.

Melinda-Rae Lyse said two office leaders were key in Calgary breaking their record. Both Aleisha Stone and Matt McBride had their BEST WEEKS EVER last week! Melida-Rae said the best is still to come – the office goal is to hit over $100,000 ALP every week, with a high focus on road trips.

Additionally, Calgary holds two top 10 rankings in the AO Awards Standings for May. The stand 4th for the AO Office of the Year Award (1st 6month ALP). Also, Calgary ranked 9th for the AO Top Office Award (total ALP).

Congratulations to everyone in Calgary on your BEST WEEK EVER!

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