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Dina’s First Founder’s Club!

Dina Boghdady 06092016Congratulations to Dina Boghdady out of the Ottawa office who just qualified for Founder’s Club last week. She not only achieved Founder’s Club, but her MGA Luay is very proud of her for being the fastest to qualify from the Ottawa office!

Dina was able to accomplish this within her first 12 months with AO and AIL and she has already set her sights on President’s Club. What is her key to success? Establishing trust in every presentation! She says that clients not only need to trust what you are selling, but the person selling it.

How do you achieve Founders Club? After 8 months in the business you can qualify for Founder’s Club by producing $12,000 net ALP for 4 consecutive months and having 78% retention.  When you do you will earn $500 and your Founder’s Club ring. Each time you achieve Founder’s Club you’ll earn another $500 and a diamond will be added to your ring.

Watch out AO for this rock star and welcome to the Founder’s Club Dina!

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