Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

Million Dollar Week for AO!

What a week of production! You went out and put up more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS reported in Planet!

The week saw 25 AO Personal Producers qualify for Altig TV recognition with more than $7,000 ALP of production reported in Planet! On top of that, seven more producers were less than $500 away from the $7,000 ALP mark.

The top spot in AO for the week went to Nathan Angelopulos out of Surrey, who posted $16,895 reported in Planet (his best week ever) on 13 sales! Nathan was also one of the five AO agents who executed Opportunity Unlimited with two sales or more a day for the week:

Corey Cox of Toronto – 16 Sales

Randy Souliers of St. John’s, NF – 15 Sales

Nathan Angelopulos of Surrey – 13 Sales

David Doles of Honolulu – 11 Sales

Ian Pickett of Burnaby – 10 Sales

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This entry was posted on June 7, 2016 by in AIL, Altig-Orlovic, Sales, Top Producers.
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