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Tina Made This a Power Weekend!

Tina Phongsavath 9-28-2015The referral sales leader this past Saturday was none other than Tina Phongsavath out of the Redmond office, with 75% of her sales coming from referral presentations! On Saturday, Tina executed opportunity unlimited with 4 sales, $1,470 ALP per sale and gained nearly 6 referrals in each home. She says her biggest goal for herself is to always get at least 5 referrals, but she aims for 10 or more!

With 99 referrals already being turned in for the week, Tina is leading by example and gaining the 150% World’s Greatest Bonus at the same time. She has already closed $10,156 ALP this week and she isn’t done yet!

Cheers Tina on a successful weekend and to finishing the week out strong! Hear how Tina did it in her own words in the audio below.

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