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Autum’s Starting Off Wright!

Autum Wright 05122016The referral leader of yesterday was none other then Autum Wright out of Patrick Rieger’s Salt Lake office. She executed opportunity unlimited yesterday with two sales, $1,842 ALP per sale, collected nearly 4 referrals in each home, and ended the day with $3,684 ALP.

Autum started just four weeks ago and has hit the ground running! So far she has racked up nearly $20,000 ALP and 64% of her sales are referrals. She credits her success to focusing on high ALP and collecting a lot of referrals. Plus, she is competitive, always trying to out produce her trainer Aaron McEntire.

Congratulations Autum on an amazing first month and an opportunity unlimited day yesterday.

Hear Autum explain how she accomplished this in her own words.



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