Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

Two Sales A Day for Week of May 16!

Eight AO Personal Producers went into Convention on a high note, executing Opportunity Unlimited with two sales a day or more for the week ending in May 16! These eight are also among the 32 producers who posted $7,000 ALP or more in production for that week!

#1 Jose Rubio of Ottawa – 13 Sales

#2 Corey Cox of Toronto – 12 Sales

#3 Luc Do of Seattle – 11 Sales

#4 Christopher Botelho of Toronto – 10 Sales

      Ben Ainscough of Burnaby – 10 Sales

      Tina Phongsavath of Redmond – 10 Sales

      Risa Moniz of Honolulu – 10 Sales

      Van Ortega of Burnaby – 10 Sales

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