Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

AO With 8 Agents in AIL’s Top 20 Year-to-Date!

January was the best January ever in the history of Altig-Orlovic, February the best February ever, March the best month in the history of American Income Life, and now April was the BEST APRIL EVER in company history!

The personal production Year-to-Date leaders in this month’s Spotlight Rankings reflect that incredible with EIGHT AO agents ranking in the Top 20 in all of AIL!

Massoud Vaziri of Burnaby leads all AO agents $122,951 net ALP, which ranks 3rd overall in AIL. Also ranking in the Top 10 was Daniel Li of Minneapolis at $85,526 for 8th best in AIL and Van Ortega of Burnaby at $85,362 right behind Daniel in 9th place!

Right outside the Top 10 in all of AIL was Bruce Tan of Waipahu in 12th at $79,627 net ALP, Alan Sedaghat of Surrey at 13th at $78,123 and Mark Lomonaco of Idaho Falls in 14th with $78,013.

Rounding out the Top 20 was Joey Kennedy of Nashville East at 16th with $75,362 and Riley Peters of Boise at 19th with $70,533 net ALP.

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