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Mayhem in Action: Pipeline Agent Dusty Shepherd

Proving that personal recruiting starts day one at Altig-Orlovic, pipeline agent Dusty Shepherd out of Tacoma has two personal recruits so far in Mayhem. Get this – she just started 14 days ago on April 22!
Dusty’s pair of personal recruits were from her circle of friends and she was, “really excited about the opportunity AO provides and wants to share it with friends that are struggling with their current job, looking for full-time work, and want a great amount of money each week.”

On top of that, Dusty says she already has three other personal recruits set-up for interviews, two this week & one next week! One recruit was through Social Media and one was a former co-worker of hers when she worked at Jack in the Box.

Dusty credits her MGA Elizabeth Chilson with giving encouragement and giving her a plan to get going on recruiting – suggesting using Social Media and talking with everyone she knows.  Dusty is starting to recruit outside of her social circle, everywhere and everyone she meets!

Dusty is making a difference in Elizabeth Chilson’s MGA vs. MGA Matchup with Andrew Bishop of Redmond, as Elizabeth is leading Andrew in the latest standings!

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