Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

Van Ortega – $24K Week, Two Straight $40K Months!


What a week for Burnaby’s Van Ortega! He reported $24,050 ALP with 21 sales on Planet, putting him as the top producer for Altig-Orlovic in both categories! He was not only making two sales a day, but doubling Opportunity Unlimited with four sales a day!

The $24,050 week has brought him over $40,000 reported on Planet for the month of April. Van is fresh off of ranking in the Top 10 in the Spotlight rankings for March, where the he posted the eighth highest total in all of AIL with $42,326!

Van says the production is fueled by putting in the hours and collecting as many referrals as he can, plus he is motivated by breaking through to the Top 10 this year and the competition of the top producers in the British Columbia area!

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