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Daniel Li’s Awesome $50,000+ ALP April!

More incredible news coming out of Minneapolis! So far in the month of April, Daniel Li has racked up $57,834 ALP reported in Planet! He’s done it again, as the Minneapolis MGA totaled $62,511 in December of 2014! Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.22.51 AM

BOD member Patrick Stenglein says that Daniel is looking to “flex his muscles” in 2016 – aiming for a $300,000 net ALP year and make it on the AIL Convention Stage in Cancun! Among his 36 sales in April, he is averaging more than $1,600 ALP per sale! Daniel is following the “Golden Vein” technique, meaning he collects referrals to get more referrals, and has racked up 113 referrals in the month!

Daniel is simultaneously putting up his personal production while growing his agency at the same time, truly leading by example. This echoes Chief Marketing Officer Rob Hay last week at the Canada Conference, as he stated personal production and recruiting are not “mutually exclusive” and “exist in the same space.”

Daniel’s awesome April is already the fourth $50,000+ ALP month by an Altig-Orlovic agent in 2016. Massoud Vaziri did so in February, while Bruce Viaje and Nikola Subotic topped the number in March.

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