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Four AOs in Top Ten of March Spotlight Rankings!

Congrats to the four Altig-Orlovic agents who are leading by example to place in the top ten of the March Spotlight Rankings in net ALP personal production year-to-date! AO had the most agents in the top ten of any American Income Life company!

Massoud Vaziri of Burnaby was the top AO producer with $100,977 net ALP so far in 2016, and is one of only two agents in all of AIL with more than $100,000 net ALP.

Alan Sedaghat of Surrey ranked sixth in net ALP with $76,905 worth of production year-to-date, and Nikola Subotic of Burnaby was seventh with $71,375 net ALP.  Bruce Viaje of Surrey ranked ninth with a net ALP personal production so far in 2016 of $69,723.

Past the top ten, Altig-Orlovic had nine in the Top 20 and 11 of the Top 25.  These production leaders are executing and living Opportunity Unlimited: working five days a week, eight hours a day, two sales every day, $1,200 ALP per sale and always having someone with you! Keep up the stellar performances!


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