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Nikola Subotic’s Shares His $50,000 Month Story!

Hear Nikola’s story by listening to the audio below.

Supervising Agent Nikola Subotic flexed his Opportunity Unlimited muscle and posted $56,401 net ALP in March – the highest monthly personal total of any agent so far in 2016! His ALP also ranked among the top monthly totals in recent Altig-Orlovic history!

Nikola was coded just six months ago.  After he won the RedZone contest in October he specifically planned to get the AO Squire Ring, with an eye on the Knight Ring! He had 142 presentations and made 64 sales for a 45% close ratio, while also collecting 341 referrals – that’s 2.4 in each house. He has moved him all the way to sixth place in the AO Awards standings!

Nikola also helped lead the Burnaby office to the highest week on record with nearly $20,000 ALP of the $212,162 the office produced. He wasn’t just doing his two sales a day – he was making three, four or five sales on certain days! Nikola says he now knows what it takes to takes to take Opportunity Unlimited to a $100,000 ALP month!

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