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Bruce Viaje Tells You How He Hit $50,000 in March!

Hear Bruce’s full story by listening to the audio below.

Living up to the “World’s Greatest Sales Force” name, Regional General Agent Bruce Viaje of Surrey led by example and eclipsed $50,000 net ALP during the historic $4.1 million month of March!

Bruce Viaje racked up $51,154 in net ALP last month fueled by a 78% close ratio, making 44 sales in just 56 presentations! He super-charged Opportunity Unlimited with 12 hour days on his road trip to Saskatchewan and during AO’s $1.3 million week Bruce put up nearly $20,000 net ALP. After his monster month, he has climbed all the way to ninth in the AO Awards standings!

Bruce set his sights on $50,000, and most specifically “wanted that Squire Ring.”  He amassed a majority of his total in just 18 days (over $44,000 ALP to be exact) by executing Opportunity Unlimited:

  • Bruce was in the field the right days and hours
  • He had 2+ sales a day
  • His ALP per sale was right round $1,200
  • And he always had people with him in the field – even calling his shots on certain days!

With the skills and techniques he developed during that hot stretch, Bruce now truly believes he can write more than $75,000 or even $100,000 in a month!

Bruce Viaje Describes $50,000 March! from Altig TV on Vimeo.

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