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Two $50,000 Producers in One Month!

Congratulations to Nikola Subotic of Burnaby and Bruce Viaje of Surrey, who both eclipsed $50,000 net ALP during the historic $4.1 million month of March! It was the third $50,000 ALP month this year, after Massoud Vaziri of Burnaby in February! Something is in the water in British Columbia!

Bruce Viaje racked up $51,154 in net ALP for March! He set out at the start of the month to hit the $50,000 mark saying he “specifically wanted the Squire Ring.” The total was fueled by a 78% close ratio, making 44 sales in just 56 presentations! Bruce super-charged Opportunity Unlimited with 12 hour days on his road trip to Saskatchewan. During the $1.3 million week, Bruce put up nearly $20,000 net ALP. He has climbed all the way to ninth in the AO Awards standings, and he did indeed earn that Squire Ring!

Nikola Subotic’s $56,401 net ALP was the highest monthly personal total of any agent for 2016 so far – all within his sixth month since he coded. He had 142 presentations and made 64 sales for a 45% close ratio, while also collecting 341 referrals – that’s 2.4 in each house. The huge month has moved him all the way to sixth place in the AO Awards standings as well as earned him the Squire Ring!

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