Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

Closing in on $100,000!

Massoud Vaziri of Burnaby, BC has already blasted past the $100,000 milestone with $110,470 ALP reported in Planet so far in 2016! A bunch of others are about to join Massoud! Congrats to all these production leaders:

Massoud Vaziri (Burnaby, BC): $110,470

Nikola Subotic (Burnaby, BC): $96,236

Joey Kennedy (Nashville East, TN): $92,418

Daniel Li (Minneapolis, MN): $91,051

Bruce Viaje (Surrey, BC): $84,091

Matt Zang (Minneapolis, MN): $83,524

Riley Peters (Boise, ID): $82,970

Brett Maurice (Edmonton, AB): $81,518

Alan Sedaghat (Surrey, BC): $79,239

Ben Ainscough (Burnaby, BC): $77,898

These 10 are truly executing Opportunity Unlimited! They are getting two sales a day, and keep their ALP per sale well over $1,200.

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