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Mia and Travis Lead the Way in Recruiting!

Altig-Orlovic has been on a roll this month and is receiving the recognition to match! On top of having a record breaking week, producing $1.3 million net & making March the best month in history, two of AO’s rock star recruiters were recently named as a Top 10 recruiter in all of American Income Life so far this year!Mia Mitchell

Mia Mitchell, a Master General Agent out of Knoxville, TN, topped the ranks by bringing in 3 personal recruits in one month. Plus, she has already recruited more people since then! Mia leads by example and personally recruits every chance she gets, whether it be out at dinner or simply posting on her Facebook feed. In her words, she doesn’t have to search for people to recruit because their hard work and positivity make them stand out in the first place!

On top of providing opportunity to deserving individuals Mia has been financially rewarded for her efforts. For each personal recruit she receives $250 when they write their first piece of business; plus, she earns 5% of what they write in their first 6 months. So far, from 3 recruits, she has earned over $1,300!

Travis Stucki 03-24-2016Travis Stucki, a General Agent out of Salt Lake City, UT, also broke into the Top 10 in recruiting for all of American Income Life! Travis is motivated to personally recruit because he knows that if people are willing to put in the work they will be successful and be able to build the life they’ve always dreamed of. By personally recruiting you are giving someone the opportunity to earn what they believe they’re worth, instead of settling for what someone else thinks they’re worth. That’s why Travis extends the opportunity to join AO with everyone he encounters, including his own family and friends!

AO has grown 50% over the last two years and 2016 has started with the best January ever, the best February ever, the best March ever, the best week in history, and the best month in history! People want to be part of a winning organization like this. Capitalize on the success with recruiting by telling everyone you see about what is going on here. Ask the $1,000 question. Keep building, keep going and keep growing!

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