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Opportunity Unlimited Alert!

Slavic Vasilenko 01272016Congratulations Slavic! Just two days into this week, GA Slavic Vasilenko from Joe Tomanovich’s Salt Lake North office is executing Opportunity Unlimited and leading by example! So far this week Slavic has 2 sales a day for $4,100 ALP. Plus, all his sales are referral sales – in fact this week he’s collected over 4 referrals in every home.

How is he doing it this week?

Slavic said it really boils down to two things: Hard Work and putting his heart into every presentation

When it comes to referrals, his key is to ‘take them,’ not collect them.

2016 has been a great year for Slavic so far! He’s had 2 sales a day for every day he is in the field, he’s averaged over 4 referrals collected in every home, and 95% of all his sales this year have been from referral presentations. With results like this it’s no wonder he is on pace for over $160,000 ALP this year and is invited to come to the April Conference in Canada.


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