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AO Highlights on the Leader Board

Check out the AO highlights on AIL’s Leader Board from last week:

For Personal Producers, 2 out of the Top 3 in all of AIL were from AO!

Congratulations to:

#2 Alan Sedaghat from Surrey with $13,947 net ALP

#3 Massoud Vaziri from Burnaby with $13,663 net ALP

Plus #7 Joey Sales from Waipahu, #11 Chris Botelho from Toronto, #17 Dustin Dunbar from Sioux Falls, and #21 Mark Lomonaco from Idaho Falls finished out the Top 20!

For MGAs, congratulations to Bob, Ashlynn, and Jon for making the Top 20!

#10 Bob Gujral from Surrey with $31,450 net ALP

#12 Ashlynn Orng from Orange County with $28,567 net ALP

#20 Jon Emura from Waipahu with $23,880 net ALP


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