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The Three Million Dollar Man


Congratulations to Tim Cruise on being the first person ever to qualify for the Three Million Dollar Club, with $3,003,156 of lifetime net ALP. Tim will receive a bonus of $5,000 and the Three Million Dollar Club Award.

Tim, a 21-year veteran to American Income Life (AIL)-Altig, grew up in heart of the Midwest, Corning, Iowa. He received his B.A. at Luther College, and later moved to the University of Alaska to study for his Masters degree in social work. He left early for the chance to work in the great oil fields of Alaska—something he always wanted to do and where he gained knowledge on trade and labor unions.

Later in 1994, Tim moved to Chicago to help his brother’s business and found himself in a need for a new beginning. By word of mouth, he heard that American Income Life was looking for phone bookers and went in for an interview, where management quickly realized his true path for success was in sales and immediately booked him into training. Tim was hooked from the start.

In 1999, Tim achieved #2 Top Personal Producer in all of American Income Life. From then, he decided to set his goals on becoming the “Agent of the Decade.” The following eight years, he placed in the Top 10, with two back-to-back years of achieving #1 Top Personal Producer. In fact Tim was doing so well, AIL had to create new clubs for him—the Million Dollar clubs. In 2003, he was the first man to $1 million dollars of lifetime net ALP, in 2008, he was the first to $2 million, and then most recently in August 2015, the first to $3 million.

In 2005, Tim met two men that would change the course of his career, Rick Altig and Ilija Orlovic, Chairman and CEO of AIL-Altig. They invited Tim to join them in Seattle and to create his own all-star team of Top 10 Personal Producers—the Olympic Team. Tim always wanted to be a motivational speaker and the opportunity to coach and lead the top leaders of AIL-Altig was a dream come true. In 2014, the Olympic Team achieved its biggest domination yet with 8 of the Top 10 Producers on stage at AIL Convention in San Diego.

What Tim loves about AIL-Altig is the culture, specifically the Platinum Rule—do more for others than you would have them do for you—and the complete commitment to excellence for yourself and those around you.  Anyone who knows Tim, knows of his “51” Dick Butkus AFL jersey, because the most important thing for Tim is to help lead Altig to make up 51% of American Income Life.  A big part of that mission will be leading the Olympic Team to lock up all Top 10 Personal Producer spots, then Top 15, and then Top 20 for total domination.

Tim currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, with his wife, Monique. In his free time, he enjoys Bikram hot yoga and diving with great white sharks in Mexico.


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