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Fastest Man to 2 Million Dollar Club!

Ryan Kendl 7_25_2013Congratulations to Ryan Kendl from Santa Rosa on qualifying for the 2 Million Dollar Club! With the lifetime achievement of $2,009,435 of net ALP in just 7 years, he is the fastest qualifier ever for the 2 Million Dollar Club!

With hard work, dedication, month long road trips, and an average of $6,000 ALP a week, Ryan achieved his goal of 2 million. “You have to want to get there” Ryan says. He explains that you need to plan your weeks. Every week Ryan would do the math and determine how much he did the week before, and how much activity he would need in the upcoming week to keep the momentum going.

Ryan’s next goal is the 3 Million Dollar Club, “I want to be the second person ever to reach the 3 Million Dollar Club, because I know Tim Cruise will receive it first.”

Ryan will receive a bonus of $5,000 and the Two Million Dollar Club reward!

Congratulations again Ryan! #AORunToWin

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