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Power Weekend Warrior 8/5/2/1

Power weekend Warrior

This weekend was a busy one in Redmond for your Power weekend Warrior Tina Phongsavath.  She led by example with Operation Field 8/5/2/1 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.Tina Phongsavath1_041713

Friday, she had a total of:

  • 8 appointments with 100% show ratio
  • 5 sales
  • 47 referrals collected
  • for $4,096 ALP!

Saturday, she had a total of:

  • 85% show ratio
  • 4 sales
  • 39 referrals collected
  • for $4,373 ALP!

Sunday was based solely on collecting referrals which brought her 3 enrollments from one house and a total of:

  • 9 appointments with 100% show ratio
  • 43 referrals collected
  • 8 sales
  • for $6,905 ALP

All said, Tina had a weekend total of $15,374 ALP with 24 appointments, 23 presentations, 17 sales, and 129 referrals collected.

How did she do it? She spent all Thursday night, booking appointments, not giving up until she had 20 booked for the weekend.  “Do whatever it takes to get there. If you don’t have a target number or goal in mind, you’re going to miss every time,” Tina says.

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