Altig Orlovic Agencies with American Income Life

AO Dominates AIL’s President’s Club Qualifiers for 2014!

Nearly 40% of the President’s Club qualifiers in all of American Income Life for 2014 are from AO!

Congratulations to: Ben Ainscough, Michael Burningham, Richard Carter, Yihao Chen, Patrick Donovan, Dustin Dunbar, Ryan Kendl, Joey Kennedy, Eric Labossiere, Katie Massart, Brett Maurice, Mark Neilson, Jonni Ng, Van Ortega, Jose Rubio, Joey Sales, Alan Sedaghat, Erez Shabtay, Tibor Simon, Steve Stensrud, Bruce Tan and Carlo Trinidad, Rosita Tumpap.

mark neilson pres club 3.24.15

Pictured above is Mark Neilson with his 3rd Qualification President Club’s plaque. 

Run to Win!

Click here to learn how you can qualify for President’s Club in 2015.

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